Aug 16

August 16, 2015

August 2015 SEP Team Visit -Summary.

AUGUST VISIT  2015 696 people screened  : many others screened in remote villages by the Optom/Hasanuddin University Teams 68 Cataract and Pterygium operations performed : 6/60 blindness or worse levels 605 spectacles dispensed Under much pressure to keep our equipment excess down we were not able to bring as many cataract operating kits and we had to leave behind a... Read more
Jun 10

June 10, 2015

The RACS Team : Royal Australian College of Surgeons

    Pictured are members of the RACS Team (Royal Australian College of Surgeons) . They work quietly behind the scenes ensuring that the SEP team can undertake their important work. L to R : RN Alison Plain (Head of SEP Nursing Team ) Sara Hudson, Stephanie Korin and Daliah Moss.... Read more
Jun 4

June 4, 2015

The RIMOPTICS Group prepares to ship out ready made frames for OGS to the Sumba Eye Program.

   Alon Cohen and Rohan Gibbon from the RIMOPTICS Group of Companies standing behind the next shipment of ready made frames for OGS and bound for its’ Sumba Eye Program. From the first hand experience Rohan had while volunteering in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania he has seen the enormous benefit Eyecare Programs have in these areas which is why... Read more
Jun 3

June 3, 2015

Preparations for the surgical/screening/teaching trip to Sumba in August are well under way

Plans are well underway for our surgical/screening/teaching trip at the beginning of August. Heading to Sumba are Drs Mark Ellis AM, Jon Ruddle and David Workman,Optoms Pete Lewis OAM, Pete Stewart OAM, Norm Russo and newbie OGS awardee Andrew Thomas (ARST) from Adelaide, Theatre Nurses Alison Plain and newbie Virginia Holloway , Self Funded Volunteer Anne Lewis and Rotary Volunteer... Read more
May 17

May 17, 2015

Janine Hobson’s thoughts on her first visit to Sumba as part of the SEP team.

   Thank you to my amazing optometry friends Peter Lewis, Chris Katapodis, and Peter Stewart and the inspiring Mark Ellis for giving me the opportunity to experience Sumba and the beauty, humility and patience of the people. Sometimes in our busy world the ability to sit and wait is lost but I found the experience of the last week so... Read more
May 16

May 16, 2015

The SEP Team returns from Sumba after a successful May visit

The Sumba Eye Program would like to thank all their loyal supporters for enabling the team to continue their life changing work in Sumba. Just returning from another successful visit, the team were very excited by the progress that the local SEP team nurses have made, allowing for an enormous amount of “one on one teaching” of refracting and pathology... Read more
Apr 20

April 20, 2015

The Sumba Team for the May Visit

Meet the team for the next visit to Sumba in early May.                They will visit Kodi/Lamboya/Wanakaka and many other remote villages, continuing their work teaching the SEP nurses, testing eyes , screening and dispensing spectacles.   Dr Mark Ellis  AM    Peter Stewart OAM    Peter Lewis OAM    Chris Katapodis        Janine Hobson... Read more
Apr 13

April 13, 2015

Dr Mark Ellis AM will join the SEP team after lecturing at Makassar Uni on Sulawesi

Dr Mark Ellis AM is going to lecture at the Makassar University on Sulawesi and then join the rest of the team  mid week in May, to continue the program’s work in Sumba.   Dr Mark Ellis AM        Ophthalmic Surgeon   Mark has two Fellowships in Ophthamology ( FRANZCO and FRACS ). He is a member of The American... Read more
Apr 13

April 13, 2015

Peter Stewart OAM and Peter Lewis OAM will be part of the team’s May visit to Sumba

Both Peters will return to Sumba in May to continue the SEP teams successful program. They will  be conducting clinics in Kodi/Lamboya/Wanakaka, as well as visiting many remote villages where they will test and assess many village people who cannot make it to the clinics. The teaching of the Sumba Foundation Nurses will once again be their priority as well as some... Read more
Apr 11

April 11, 2015

Chris Katopodis to return to Sumba for his second visit with the SEP team in May

Chris Katopodis – Optometrist BSc BScOptom(Melb) PGCertOcTher FACO This coming May Chris will return to Sumba for his second visit joining the SEP team once again as they continue their program which involves the teaching of the Sumba Foundation Nurses and more one on one training of the SEP Nurses. Chris is an Optometrist with over 20 years experience and established Canterbury... Read more