SEP Team August 2018 Visit Report : Surgical Procedures and Examinations Stats.

August 22, 2018

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“Another successful and exciting combined Surgical and vision screening trip to Sumba accomplished.
During the first week of August the Optometry Team and its workers screened 1234 people,1146 people were given specs , 137 people were referred to the Ophthalmology Team for opinions and 128 procedures were performed.94 of these were on “blind” cataracts.Many of the other 34 referred were treated with the new Ellex Tango Laser for Glaucoma or post cataract  lens clouding (YAG capsulotomies)
The collaboration with fellow Indonesian Ophthalmologists has expanded with an Assessment Team from Udayana University (Denpasar,Bali) attending and observing proceedings. Udayana and Hasanuddin University (Sulawesi ,NTT) already collaborate at a University level and the hope is they can harness their resources to introduce an Ophthalmology Eyecare Porgram in conjunction with the existing Sumba Eye Program to help the people of Sumba in a sustainable way.”