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Welcome to the Sumba Eye Program Video, view the work that the SEP team is doing in Sumba.


The Other Side of Sumba” – Sumba Eye Program 2011      

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Donated motor bike for the SEP nurses to use

The SEP Team returns to Sumba August 2018

Photography by Gail Hoole

SA11  IMG_4951  IMG_4947  IMG_4931

IMG_4792   IMG_4798   SA13   SA17   SA16   IMG_4670
IMG_4808  IMG_4661    IMG_4837   IMG_4795  IMG_4928     IMG_4943  IMG_5103    IMG_5076   SA15       IMG_4762     IMG_4789  IMG_4641    SA10

JASON CHILDS / Sumba Foundation

JC1 JC3  JC21 JC2 JC23 JC22 JC10 JC9 JC17 JC14 JC4 JC7 JC16 JC13 JC5 JC15 JC18 JC6 JC11 JC9

Sumba Visit August 2015

Aug14      Aug5       Aug21      Aug8 Aug22 Aug4 Aug6 Aug24 Aug7   Aug18    Aug25   Aug20     AUG23 Aug10 Aug15 AUG23 Aug16 Aug28 Aug27  Aug30    Aug26  Aug19  Aug13

Sumba Visit May 2015

Sep TeamMay Sep team 2 Sep T M3 SEP T May 4 SPM14  Sep team MAy 5 SPM6  2015-05-04 10.51.15   SPM19 SPM11 SPM13  SPM 22 2015-05-07 16.34.31 2015-05-04 14.28.10 2015-05-05 09.45.22 2015-05-04 15.50.57 2015-05-07 11.07.12 2015-05-08 10.01.40 2015-05-05 11.15.23 2015-05-05 10.17.35   SPM16  2015-05-07 15.49.18  2015-05-05 14.14.58  2015-05-05 10.27.27  2015-05-07 12.28.19


The SEP Teams Previous Visits to Sumba

IMG_0133 IMG_0165 IMG_0091 IMG_0186 IMG_0167 IMG_0239  Ruus SV7 SV11 ME 1 SH1 BOy 1  SV4 SV16 SV21 IMG_0918 IMG_0954  SV20 SV 25 SV6 IMG_1236  SPL10 Cl1 SV7  Sumba 2013 104  SBC12 SB D 5 SBHP11 SBV 1  SNT1 SBH 1  SV8 EP5 EP7  EP10 IMG_1058 SDoc2 Dr David Workman Ophthamologist SBV 3 Eye P2  IMG_7726 JR2 SP70 Eye P 3 IMG_1607   SV23  SBP 12   SSPV1  SBHP13   SV25 SV27  SBL3

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