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The Sumba Eye Program is only possible because of our generous supporters, please take the time to check out their websites with the links provided below.

sf2          MAKO Logos             DFV1            rotaryemblem                    Essilor                     BOC                             DT L              Rim Opt                 BKH Print        watiga(jpg)            EC M             AS1           TB VO


     Website :  https://www.foresight.org.au/

Foresight is a charity dedicated to the cure and prevention of avoidable blindness. Foresight empowers communities to meet their own eye health needs.

sf2     The Sumba Foundation 
The Sumba Foundation is deeply committed to lessening the consequences of poverty on the island of Sumba. Our aim is to provide humanitarian aid by fostering village-based projects that impact health (including access and malaria control), education, water and income-generation, while preserving and respecting the fragile culture and traditions of the Sumbanese people.

Website: http://www.sumbafoundation.org

rotaryemblem      Rotary Clubs of Glenferrie and Kew

Web sites  : http://www.glenferrierotary.org.au/                        http://www.rotaryclubofkew.org.au/       


Joan Lawrence 

The Sumba Eye Program is very grateful to Joan Lawrence (now deceased , aunty of Dr Mark Ellis AM) for her considerable donation that enabled the purchase of expensive microscopes and other related equipment  as well as all private donors, the local community and other charitable organisations.


MAKO Logos

Web Site :   http://www.makoeyewear.com.au/



Web Site :   http://www.dfv.com.au/

Designs for Visions have provided an A Scan at cost and  2 x Welsh Allan Opthalmoscope kits.



Web Site:    http://www.essilor.com.au/



Web Site :   http://www.device.com.au/  


Rim Opt

Web Site :  http://www.rimoptics.com.au

Rim have donated ready made spectacles, paid for the freight and customs to Sumba and will again sponsor these for future visits.



Web Site : http://www.bocinstruments.com.au



Web Site:  http://www.watiga.com/


BKH Print

Web Site https://bkhprinting.toprint.com.au/ 

Brad Heuvel from printing company “BKH Print and Sign Solutions” has been very generous in his time and expertise to help develop a new Numeral Letter Chart that really helps speed up screenings.


  Heidi Tobin – Marketing Communications : Web site and Facebook Administrator



Web Site:  http://www.edencreative.com.au/

Adam Eden and and  his company supplied camera equipment, editing and post production facilities for the production of the Sumba Video.

All services supplied free of charge.


  Konfir Kabo – Sponsor/Donor


TB VO     Voice Over Artist

Web Site  :   http://www.brisvo.com/male-talent/tony-bellette/

Tony is the voice over on the Sumba video, his services supplied free of charge.


AS1   Garry Hardmann                          Music composer

Web Site:    http://www.australianscreenmusic.com/

Garry is one of the country’s most experienced music editors as well as music supervisor and a very talented and creative composer. ASM is  one of Australia’s most respected music production companies  responsible for the organization and production of music tracks for a myriad of television programs as well as non broadcast and specialist productions.             ASM supplied the music track for the Sumba video free of charge.


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