Sumba Eye Program April 2016

May 8, 2016

First week of April 2016 saw The Team head to Sumba for mentoring and teaching camp.

Janine Hobson and Chris Katapodis (Optometrists) headed to Sumba and provided lectures and one on one teaching to Nefry,Sani and the Nurses from the Sumba Foundation.

Mark Ellis, Peter Stewart and Peter Lewis detoured to Sulawesi – a large island north of Bali – to lecture and provide refraction training to the Ophthalmology residents at the Uni of Hasanuddin. They were  warmly received and gathered great support for the future of the SEP . The aim of the Program is to help the Indonesian people sustain and expand primary eye care  throughout NTT and beyond.

Dr Mark Ellis and his wife Janet then flew to Jakarta , joining Daliah Moss (RACS) to meet with many influential people in the Indonesian Health area and from all accounts the meetings were hugely successful. It is hoped from these meetings that the SEP can grow and help even more people in Sumba and NTT .

The “two Peters” flew to Sumba to join Chris and Janine for several days of mentoring and screening. They were proud and excited to see how much Nefry and Sani had progressed in their  eye care skills.

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