August 2015 SEP Team Visit -Summary.

August 16, 2015

  • 696 people screened  : many others screened in remote villages by the Optom/Hasanuddin University Teams
  • 68 Cataract and Pterygium operations performed : 6/60 blindness or worse levels
  • 605 spectacles dispensed

Under much pressure to keep our equipment excess down we were not able to bring as many cataract operating kits and we had to leave behind a donated microscope (slit lamp) and auto refractor – till next time.

More great friendships and understandings developed with the Ophthalmologists and Ophthalmology Trainees from Hasanuddin University in Sulawesi. Every Team member learnt new skills and improved on their existing techniques from the many challenges presented to us.

Another big step forward in the Sumba Eye Program Founders dreams to have a sustainable Eye Care Training Program in NTT and the Indonesian Surgeons providing their highly skilled surgical procedures there.

To our Eye Care Nurse Nefry , what a wonderful job you do for us and your people.Sunny,Ma’a (Eye Care Nurses in Training) ,Steppan , Miranda , Franky our long standing Interpreters and friends a big Thankyou from the Team.

Rainy , unable to spend much time this year as she is extremely busy with the Sumba Foundation Nutrition Program, we will have you back on board next year!!

Once again thank you to Claus Bogh for your enthusiastic and persuasive support.

Thankyou also to the fantastic Team at RACS , Steph, Sara, Alison and Daliah without who we could not do the work we do!!

Now, after a little rest ,we begin planning our next “Teaching” trip in April May 2016

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