Eyes For Sumba

The Sumba Eye Program Team

Ophthalmic Surgeons

me1  Dr Mark Ellis AM    John S1 Dr Jon Ruddle     Dr David Workman Ophthamologist Dr David Workman


ps3 Peter Stewart OAM PL3 Peter Lewis OAM  Norm Russo Norm Russo  Chris 1 Chris Katopodis JH1 Janine Hobson

 Andrew Thomas 2 Andrew Thomas    Lizz 3 Liz Vidor       OPT 2 Rowena Beckenham

Andrew is a former OA (S.A) President -now OAA is known as OA ,Optometry Australia – in Private Practice in SA and always possessed an interest in helping those less fortunate. He will join the team for the next visit scheduled for August 2015.


(RN)Alison Plain (RN) Alison Plain  – Chief Ophthalmic  Nurse       

Alison manages the Nurses for SEP and now works with Helen Postma at RACS to help prepare the many specialist trips that RACS manages during the year.



M Ellis Janet Ellis al Anne Lewis

The Sumba Local Team

Eye Care Nurses
Nef1  Nefry – Chief ECN
Serly1  Serly   ECElsie Elsiana (Elsi)  SANY3  Sany            SEP N3Capture

New Nurses Elsi and Jovin

IMG_6753 IMG_6752

The Sumba Foundation

Claus  Dr Claus Bogh                Andy Andy – SF Nurse    Rainy 2  Rainy – SF Nurse



IMG_0576.JPG                                                           RN   Alison  Plain      Sara Hudson        Stephanie Korin          Daliah Moss                                                                                                                     Head of SEP Nursing Team

Helen Postma Helen Postma is an integral part of the RACS team.


Some of the challenges that the team encounters and is endeavouring to rectify.

Conjunctival cysts, inoperable traumatic corneal scaring, bilateral blindness (vitamin A definciency) cataracts and pterygium                                                                 are some of the major cases that confront the team.

EPC1 EPC5 EPC2                      EPC10   EPC7  EPC3                     EPC8       EPC12    EPCA6      EPC9       EPCA13         Eye P 22


The Sumba Surgical Teams at Work :

Teaching and performing corrective surgery to the local Sumbanese community.

Sub 23 SUB 21 Sub 22 Sub 25 Sub 24  Sumb 27  Sumb 26   SSPV1     SDoc2 SBH 1 SB D 5 SV26

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