Andirson Gawo Mata

March 10, 2019

PHOTO-2018-10-18-16-39-01               Andirson Gawo Mata

About Me and My Story    (December 2018)

I am Andy, my complete name is Andirson Gawo Mata. I was born in Modu, April 21st 1999, Waikabubak –West Sumba. I come from little family with two brothers and two sisters.My father named  Nicodemus Dasalaku and my mother named Elisabeth Manu Jala. I will tell you the story of my life about everything I’ve gotten.
I met every good people in my life who changed me. A great opportunity came to me in 2008, 10 years ago. I got cataract on my left eye when I was in grade 2 elementary school. Its really an obstacle to personal development and maybe my future. Whatever it is, I certainly accept it with a sincere heart. However, I still have a chance.
When I was in grade 3 I got information about doctors from Australia in my hometown. It’s nice to hear that. Without waiting for a long time, I finally went there with my parents. After being examined carefully and deeply, the decision was that I had to be operated on.  The white membrane that covers the cornea of my left eye must be removed. As I know, surgery is not an easy process. However, for the good of myself, I received surgery. Peoples from Sumba Eyes Program are able to prove that they are here to help.
Finally, all the surgery processes went very smoothly  and well. Thanks be to God. I finally got a chance to see the world more clearly, even though I had to help with the glasses I got after recovering from surgery. Before that at School, when I wanted to see note on the board, I had to stand and move closer to get what was there. Now, all those things have not happened again.
My days are going on as usual until I arrive at the present opportunity.process by process of control and the umpteenth change of glasses  I have taken the last time.  I have completed my education at the high school level this year.  All the processes that have taken place  are the blessings I received.
I am very grateful to be able to meet people like Mr. Peter Lewis and friends, especially for Mr. Iip who help me to get donor/sponsor.  Big thanks.
They are the motivation for my life to get up and see the world that it is too broad for people like me.
The achievement of achievement during the education period is proof that I can be like most normal people. All of that is the greatest gifts of my life.  On November 9th last month, I had the second surgery for my right eye.

The second blessing for me for the better sight.

Thank God. Thank You Sumba Eyes Program. Thank you great people. Thank you Mr. Peter and friends.

With love,

Andirson Gawo Mata